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Where do we do it?

Creepy lives outside. When they want to live inside… that’s creepy.

The top ten reasons to choose Home Guard!

10We chose to be in this business. We could have done anything. We chose creepy! On purpose!

9Somebody has to deal with the little buggars or momma ain’t gonna be happy!

8Have you ever wondered what the roaches are eating in the middle of the night?

7Heck with the roaches… what are the rats up to?

6If you can see one creepy, how many can’t you see?

5And where are they when you can’t see them?

4That sound beneath your feet ain’t pop corn.

3We have green trucks.

2If we don’t do it, you know who has to.

1Did you know that 34% of household dust is bug droppings?*

*We have no idea if that stat is really true. We found it on the Internet. It has to be true right? If it is that is just creepy. If it’s not – we are going to sue the Internet because we made it our number one reason.