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We are a local, family owned business!

Ya, we live here, work here and play here!


Meet Riley Edwards.
And my Why!

Me and my little ones live here in Southern California…I originally hail from the great white north, but have been quite happy to end up in a place as beautiful as San Diego. I’m an avid Hockey fan and I love to surf. My Wife Leesa and I have 2 boys and one girl. We love to spend time together and outside as a family surfing, golfing, jumping on the trampoline, gardening and hiking.

We do all we can to enjoy our life to the fullest.

This is the attitude we carry into our business. We expect great service from the companies we do business with and as such do all that we can to provide super awesome service in San Diego County! We love being small and local and so far so do our customers! We are involved in all facets of our business from operations to treating. (Don’t be surprised if Riley shows up on your door step periodically.) As owners we feel this is vitally important because it allows us to take our company’s pulse often. We want to know how we are doing all the time. 5 Stars is our only passing score.

Home Guard’s mission is to provide effective yet responsible protection for your family’s environment. We have a family… and we need pest control too!

Your safety is our number one priority. As an industry leader, our goal is to provide progressive pest control solutions that improve the quality of life for our clients, employees, and the community.

Say hello to Super Awesome!

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