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How do we do it?

One creepy crawly at a time!


Gettin rid of creepy is a process of elimination… literally! 
Creepy likes to come back. Its part of what makes them creepy. Our process begins with a super powerful, scientific, eco-friendly, automagical treatment we call The Flush. The flush is the beginning of an on-going process to keep the buggars out!
The Flush 

During our initial visit we use a proprietary, scientific method called the flush. That’s a fancy way of saying we make it very easy for the creepy to want to leave. 
The Rush 

Thirty-days after the Flush comes the Rush. We return to make sure these little creeps get that we mean business. Technically speaking, the Rush is designed to disrupt nesting cycles and eliminate pests. 
The Crush 

Once the Rush is over, we return every 90 days to crush the possibility of these fellas ever wanting to come back. The Crush is our most important treatment. It eliminates the counter insurgency! 


It begins with The Flush!      6

Let’s get a flushin at your place!

Let’s get a flushin at your place!